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Chambers in
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chambers in earth circle

All symbols have their own chambers. Six of them are on this physical level and one is on the other level. Chambers are protected so that it is impossible for people to reach them in anyway. That is because there has never been a physical access to them only the ones who have knowledge and permission to access the chambers can reach them.

Chambers are quite evenly located around the world; two of them are in the Continent of Africa, two in Asia and one in Australia, Oceania and Mexico.

In Australia the chamber is at the south edge of the Northern territory inside Ayers Rock deep under the earth surface.

In Asia one chamber is located in Lhasa, Tibet, in the main hall of Potala monastery in which the chamber is in another level. The other one in Asia is in Japan, at the northern part of Hokkaido inside the mountain Akan.

The chamber in Mexico is at the Valley of Teotihuacan, underneath the temple pyramid of Teothuacan, which is called Pyramid of the Sun.

At the area of Oceania there are three chambers altogether, two side chambers and a main chamber. One of side chambers is at the south end of New Zealand under a pinnacle mountain near Whangerei. The other side chamber is in the depth of Mururoa atoll. The third chamber, the main chamber, is exactly between the locations of these two side chambers at the middle of sea, underneath the bottom of the sea.





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