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When we are talking about Goddess we talk about Great Spirit, who is present everywhere in the Universe – She is the Universe. We can also talk about “Father/Mother –god” or just Spirit, but in the change process of Universe She/He wants to be seen in the form of Goddess. People have imagined God as a male for a long time. We need to realize, that God is not just feminine or masculine, but these are different sides of Her/His being.

Symbol of divines, sent us by Goddess, does not look like our old images of God or our idea of God. He/She wants to be seen feminine, even as a creature from the other levels. The form she shows herself to the people could easily be described as an alien. She hopes we could accept her also in this form – after all she is in all of us.

After displacing the old God and the idea of God, a great change process has started for all in Universe. With the change Goddess has sent her heralds of love also to the Earth circle to help Earth to rise to higher levels of consciousness and to receive new order and power to the Universe.








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