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7 Earth Chambers –website is a summary about changes the universe has undergone, and connected to that, consciousness of humankind rising to a higher level. At this website is told about symbols of Earth and how they form an energy network through the chambers. This network surrounds the Earth and furthers the change of consciousness.

Higher consciousnesses have wanted to make this material public and give people something to think about. Anriquar*, a guardian of symbol knowledge, and Shamaas are some of the messengers and also participants of the symbol project.

According to them, it was important that information was made physical to this level of everyday consciousness. This was carried out by searching information about informed locations of the chambers and things related to them. Searching carried on by using everyday methods, internet and library, and if necessary through canalized conversation. Aim of the often tiring work, was to create intensive focusing to the matter to attach knowledge to this level of consciousness.

After chambers where sufficiently located and information related to them where canalized, the activating of the chambers and symbols took place. This is the matter that this website makes one familiar with, and also goes into the influence of the activating to peoples consciousness. *Anriquar still canalizes the circle of earth from the meanings and purposes of the other symbols and from bringing the symbols and codes to the Earth about million years ago. About this subject there will be another website in the future.

When ever mankind is on a threshold of change and a new spiritual awakening is on it’s way, the 7 Earth Chambers and the symbols in them are activated to speed up the change and awakening that has begun. Interval when symbols are activated to their purpose is presumably about 25 900 years. During this era mankind goes through spiritual awakening and falling asleep.

While reaching the end of one 25 000 year –period, and when another one starts, the chambers with their symbols are activated for certain period. After that they are put out to wait the next activating.

This cyclical event has probably existed as long as human beings have been on Earth, and will go on as long as human race will live in here. It is possible, that recently happened activation will after all be the last one for the human race the way we experience it now.


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