Takaisin etusivulle


Chambers in
earth circle

locations of the chambers

heralds of love



Appearance, essence and characters of all seven symbols differ from each other, although some similarities appear. They represent all events and expressions in Earth circle, such as: birth of Earth and maintenance of its functions, timeframe at Earth, storing up the information to the soil, change of vibration, and connections between all the creatures in Earth circle.

Rising spiral represents circuit of the Earth in the creation – symbol represents how Earth turns from the energy state to the physical form. It also shows the function of star systems – Universe’s knowledge of stars – in the birth of Earth.

Spiral represents becoming physical; how Earth’s circulation proceeds from the energy levels to the physical Earth.

Nebulas represent the knowledge of stars of Universe. This has guided Earth’s birth to physical level.

Small circle represents planet whose birth the knowledge of stars helps.


Lines represent four elements; fire, water, air and earth and the four cardinal points of the compass; north, east, west and south.

The ellipse in the middle and the opposite curves represent the Spirit of Earth – parturient of all. It represents consciousness of Earth which breeds different sides of its being. It is power which maintains the different elements, the cardinal points of the compass and all living on Earth.


Time and place are related to this symbol – What is now, will always be. What has been is also now and will be in the future.

This symbol is connected to energy that has kept people aware of present “earthly time” and not about the universal eternal time – Certain energy keeps people standing still in this moment and in the time of Earth.


Stars in this symbol represent power that has come far away. That was brought to Earth circle by consciousnesses that have come from other place a long time a go. Power is attached to temple pyramid of Taetihuacan, which is called Pyramid of the Sun.

Power of Teotihuacan gives balance, which keeps proportions of all seven symbols’ powers as they should be. Taurus in symbol is a helper of power.

Wave under the Taurus represents nucleus of Earth.


Sun and universe send power of life to Earth and gold in ground stores it up. Stars give information and energy to Earth and gold in ground store it up to itself.

Already during ancient times “spirituality” was stored up to gold. It helped people to brig up spiritual powers and higher consciousness from their selves. High energy of life in gold could be used to support “joint creating”.


Curves on left edge of symbol are the curves of sky. They connect Earth to higher vibrations.

Meandering waves represent waterfall of the water-element, which carries vibrations that has to move on Earth.

Rhomb represents that limited power which connects these.

New-Zeeland - Mururoa

Its’ time to happen is now, and here is a description about events, which nature always does.

Nature is connected to so many things that people have forgot.

Aboriginal populations all over the world are near the spirits of Earth circle. In New-Zeeland this symbol meant connection between guardians of spiritual world of earth, air, fire and water.

Circles in this symbol close physical world living in Earth circle inside itself, and also more spiritual, finer level (fine refers to structure). People belong to physical world. On finer level live spirits of nature and other spiritual creatures in Earth circle.

Curves represent connection between these two levels. Vertical lines represent earth and air, and the long horizontal line represents water.

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