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triangle craft

Also this triangle shaped craft is connected to surface of the formed energy field. This takes place in the approximate height of 220 kilometres (136,70 miles), and its purpose is to act as a generator to the energy network. It is attached to field from its large centre ballís central part.
Its point points, parallel with energy lines, towards Oceania and main craft. Triangle craft is not as big as spherical main craft, and its length is only a few dozen kilometres.

Centre ball acts as an engine and generator in all functions connected to crafts action. Parts around the craft form the outer part of the craft, which is for moving trough the space. Outer part can rotate 360 degrees to both sides and also top and bottom.

Craft never lands to Earth surface. Craft can be taken to smaller pieces, by which short trips can be made. Connection craft in the bow can also be taken to even smaller pieces. This is so called apex craft by which the connection between Earth and main craft is performed.


Triangle craft, as well as the main craft, are designed so that they use the same energy as the globe. To put it more accurately: it uses the energy lines which Earth expresses in its existence. Besides acting as generator the craft is a dwelling place for hundreds of thousands of creatures.

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